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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our programming please see below, we hope these questions and answers help.

Questions about our Space

Q: What do I wear/bring to practice?

A: Please come to practice with all jewelry and piercings removed, with your hair tied back. We recommend clean indoor shoes and comfy athletic clothing. And a reusable water bottle!

Q: Can I watch?

A: Absolutely! We have an upstairs viewing area to watch practice. Please head up the stairs and grab a seat if you'd like to watch.

Q: Can we eat/drink there?

A: We ask that you do everything you can to reduce your waste, and bring as little garbage into our building as possible. If you are eating, please clean up after yourself and only eat in the upstairs mezzanine. 

Team Placement Questions

Q: What is a Team Placement?

A: Team placements are group assessments where coaches see the current skills and abilities of our athletes.

Q: What do you do at Placements?

A: You will be assessed on a variety of things like: jumps, tumbling, height, reach, vertical, conditioning and stunting

Q: Does everyone attend placements?

A: You will either attend team placements in August, or tryouts in June. You only need to attend one or the other.

If you are joining pre-competitive programming you do not need to attend placements.

Q: Does everyone get placed on a team after placements?

A: Yes, the placement is just so that the coaches can find the best place for your athlete, and everyone is placed on a team.

Pre-Competitive Programming

Q: Do you need any experience for pre-competitive?

A:  Not at all! This is the perfect place to join if you're new to cheer.

Tryout Questions

Q: I want to be on a level 1 or 2 competitive team:

A: Please watch for our team placement registration. These will take place August 21-24.

Q: I want to be on either an Open team or level 3+ team, where should I tryout?

A: Please only register for one tryout time, and choose your preference at checkout. Tryouts for our Level 3+ teams are now closed. If you are interested in joining please email us at

Q: I want to be on a non-competitive open team, do I need to attend tryouts?

A: We will have team placements for our less-competitive Open teams in August. Please register for a placement.

Q: I cannot attend tryouts/placements, what should I do?

A: Please email to arrange an alternate tryout date

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