Tumbling & Learn to Cheer Classes - Winter 2018

We are excited to offer the following classes this winter! If you are interested in registering for any of the classes below, just send an e-mail to with your class choice, your athletes name, their birthdate, and your prefered e-mail and phone contact - we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

Please note that for any athlete that has not been registered for a class at the gym before (or since July 1, 2017) there is a $15 membership fee that is not included in the cost below.


Learn to Cheer  Learn to Cheer is a great chance to try out our sport and see what we are all about! In these classes, athletes will have the opportunity to try out tumbling, jumps, dance, stunting and pyramids. These classes put together a short routine to demonstrate to their parents at the last class. Please pass this information on to anyone that would be interested in trying out our sport!

Learn To Cheer – Ages 5-8     Saturdays     12:15-1:15     Jan 13th – Mar 17th, 2018     9 classes     $94.50

Learn to Cheer – Ages 9-14    Saturdays     2:00-3:00       Jan 13th – Mar 17th, 2018     9 classes     $94.50

Top Training This is a new but needed class PFC is offering this year. Athletes who are topping this year or who want to top require extra training that we are not always able to provide during practices. Similar to the general flexibility needs of our sport, tops have a specific set of skills that this class will address. We will condition fast, strong, tight legs. We will work on foot and core stability. We will focus on flexibility needed to pull aerial skills and lastly we will develop and practice dynamic skills like tic tock, switch ups and full ups. This class WILL make you a better top!

Top Training – Ages 7-18    Mondays     5-6pm     Jan 15th - Mar 26th, 2018 (no class Feb 19th)      $105

Top Training – Ages 7-18     Tuesdays    5-6pm     Jan 16th – Mar 29th, 2018     10 classes     $105

Tiny Tumbling No skill prerequisite - this class has been designed for our 4 - 6 year olds. It will focus on learning to jump and land safely, forward and backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and general body awareness.

Tiny Tumbling – Ages 4-6     Saturdays     11am-12     Jan 13th – Mar 17th, 2018     9 classes     $94.50

Beginner Tumbling No prerequisite! This class is intended for athletes who have never tumbled before or have had very limited tumbling experience and are ready to start tumbling. This class will be working towards forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs. If the athlete is ready, they can continue on to work towards bridges, falling into bridge and kicking over.

Beginner Tumbling – Ages 7-11     Saturdays     11am-12     Jan 13th – Mar 17th, 2018     9 classes     $94.50

Level 1 Tumbling This class is intended for athletes who have a basic understanding of body awareness and basic tumbling skills - they will continue to work on all level 1 tumbling skills - forwards/backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and towards their front and back walkovers. The final goal for our level 1 tumblers is a front and back walkover.

Level 1 Tumbling – Ages 7-11     Saturdays     12:15-1:15pm     Jan 13th – Mar 17th, 2018     9 classes     $94.50

Level 1 Tumbling – Ages 12-18    Mondays   8:15-9:15pm   Jan 15th – Mar 19th, 2018(no class Feb 19th)    $94.50

Level 2 Tumbling To attend this class, athletes are required to have strong level 1 tumbling skills including their front and back walkover (on the floor, unassisted). This class will continue to build on level 1 & 2 tumbling skills and towards their front/back handsprings.

Level 2 Tumbling – Ages 9-18    Thursdays    8:15-9:15pm    Jan 18th-Mar 22nd, 2018 (no class Jan 25)     $94.50

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