Spring Session 2019

Spring 2019

We are really excited about the classes we have set up for Spring 2019! There is something for everyone - whether you are a beginner or experienced, whether you are young or an adult. Whether you want to tumble, cheer, stunt or even learn to coach! Below you will find a descripton of what we have to offer - if you click n the "register here" button below you will find the specific details for each class.


Cheer 101 Cheer 101 is the perfect opportunity to come try everything out in an 8-week class! You will be able to try a variety of stunts, jumps, dance, pyramids and try out some tumbling  with other kids that are new to the sport as well - there are three different age groups to choose from!  

Team Prep Classes If you are are an experienced athlete with the interest of being placed on one of our more advanced teams next season - register for one of our team prep classes! Come and learn parts of this seasons routine and if you were on the team this year, come learn some different or more advanced skills!  Please make sure to check out the prerequisites for these classes. There are seven classes to choose from!

Tumbling Classes We have something for everyone here! From beginner to advanced, from ages 3 up to adult.  if you haven't tumbled before or you are an experienced tumbler working or maintaining your current tumbling skills or advancing to the next level, we've got the class for you.  There are 15 different classes to choose from.  Please make sure to check out the prerequesites for these classes - some classes require no experience, others require a particiular set of skills to register.  

Tumbling Specific Classes These classes have been designed for athletes that are looking to work on specific pieces of their tumbling skills, including walkovers, handsprings and connected tumbling. There are five classes to choose from to help you get to that next level!

Learn to Coach Are you interested in becoming a PFC coach?  Come learn what it is all about! During the two hour weekly class, come learn about what we do, what is required to be a coach, learn to make practice plans and teach them, learn about tumbling and how to properly spot. During this class you will have an opportunity for hands on experience (during the class). The hours that you receive during this training session will count towards the 100 volunteer PFC hours that are required by each of our coaches before they have the opportunity to be hired.


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