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Winter Private lesson information will be available shortly! To see what is currently available, please click on the "register now" link below!

Our private lesson system has changed - here is what you need to know about the current lessons:

- These lessons will be sold in blocks. A block is a group of lessons with a specific coach at a specific time each week - you purchase the entire group of lessons from January - April.  These are your lessons.

- only one person is able to purchase the block of lessons however, you are able to bring 1 other athlete with you at no extra charge - there is a maximum of 2 people (in total) per lesson. (families may consider sharing lessons).

- A private lesson is 45 minutes long and with tax works out to $37.80 per lesson.  These lessons will be sold first come, first served starting at 6pm on TBA.  Please note that once lessons have been booked, they are non-refundable.

Please note that in order to book with a specific coach, you are required to be at the level (and age) listed.

This group of lessons has been set up so that you can pay for the lessons at the gym or online (online is preferred - it has been set up this way so that if you have fundraising you would like to apply, this can be done). If you are interested in using fundraising money to pay for your lessons, please let us know. 

You must have a 2018/19 membership to register (if you do not currently have one, one will be billed to your account at the time of purchase). Full payment for the lessons is due either at the time of purchase or your first day at the gym after purchase. 

To register, please log-in to your Amilia account - you will see an icon in the store that says "Private Tumbling Lessons" (this will be available at TBA pm) Please select that tab and the system should walk you through the rest of the process.  Again, this system is completely new - if you encounter any problems while registering, please contact

Here is a list of what will be available (subject to change prior to sale of lessons) - there is a variation in prices listed below due to holidays (Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, etc)  and dates coaches are unavailable (as you are only charged for the number of lessons in the block) - this specific informaiton will all be available when you go to register.

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