Cristina Knihnitski
Co-owner of PFC

Cristina is one of our Owners and is also a Registered Nurse and has many years of experience in sport and with children. Cristina, Craig and Todd met years ago cheering for the U of S, competing all over North America. (Registered Nurse, First Aid/CPR)


Todd Knihnitski
Co-owner and Head Coach PFC

Todd is one of our owners and someone who loves everything about coaching! He has an Education degree and a Sports Science degree. Todd loves helping our sport grow locally, provincially and Nationally. (USASF Level 6, SCA Level 5, NCCP gymnastics Level 1, NCCP Theory Level 1&2)

Megan Ernst

Megan is the administrator for the club. Her family has been involved with PFC for 11 years and she has worked for the gym since 2011. She loves working with the coaches, athlete, families and owners - if you ask her, she will tell you she has the best job in the world! She does a lot of the “behind the scenes” things and is the person that you communicate with when you contact the gym.

Brayden Obed
Senior Choreographer and Coach

Brayden Obed is a coach, tumbling coach and choreographer for PFC. He has been coaching with Prairie Fire for since 2008 and is also a coach of the U of S cheer team. He was a member of the U of S cheer team for 5 years and was also an athlete on the Rider cheer team for 2 years.


Jaclyn Hill
Senior Coach

Jaclyn is a long time coach and was an athlete on the very first team at PFC. She has an amazing way with all ages and she is the first coach we put with new athletes. Jaclyn is a manager in town, balancing work, coaching and being a Mom.  At the gym, Jaclyn's attention to the team aspect of Cheerleading and personal attention to each athlete allows her to tell everyone they are important. (Coached for 10 years and has competed at Worlds, USASF Certified level 5 & Level 3 in Tumbling)


Jen Wdowiak
Senior Coach

Jen has been coaching at PFC for many years. She loves how hard the kids work, and the crazy stories they tell. Jen has a degree in Zoology, a Bachelor of Education, and works with Saskatoon Public Schools. Jen has been coaching tumbling for close to 20 years! She has competed provincially, and nationally, and loves to share her knowledge! Jen is a life long learner, is level 3 certified and can’t wait to continue to grow in all aspects of her life.


Sara Heibert
Senior Coach

Sara is a 10th year coach at PFC and she loves the look on a athletes face when they learn a new skill or finally hit the skill they have been working on. She has been working with Richelieu Hardware for 3 years and is now assistant product manager. She loves how it becomes your second family, and the feeling of accomplishment when the skill goes right.

Tara Anderson
Senior Coach

Tara is one of our senior coaches and has been with PFC since the very beginning. She coached the very first PFC team with Todd at the Fieldhouse without mats! She is very competitive and always strives to grow creatively and be a better coach each season than the last. Her favorite thing is helping athletes grow and push themselves to be their best selves, inside and outside of the cheer gym (“Life lesson, not just a cheer lesson!”) Tara cheered all throughout high school as well as during her four years at the UofS. She continued to be involved with both scholastic and allstar cheer through coaching (for the last 18 years) in various high schools in Saskatoon, at the university level and with PFC. Outside her huge cheer family, Tara has three young children of her own and a husband who she spends all of her non-cheer free time with. (USASF certified level 6, SCA certified level 5, sports first aid certified)

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