Craig Schumacher
Co-owner of PFC

Craig is one of our Owners and he is the reason we have positivity on our walls. Craig is a Secondary teacher and is working towards his masters in Counseling. Craig helped develop high school cheerleading in Saskatoon and used his enthusiasm to build the PFC senior program. Craig is a constant advocate for our athletes (as children first) and our coaches (as family). ( B. Ed, USASF Level 5 certified Tumbling, Toss & Stunt, First Aid/CPR certified, Sports First Aid)

Cristina Knihnitski
Co-owner of PFC

Cristina is one of our Owners and was integral to the administration of PFC in its early years. Cristina is a Registered Nurse and has many years of experience in sport and with children. Cristina will be helping with our preschool programing starting in the fall of 2016. Cristina, Craig and Todd met years ago cheering for the U of S, competing all over North America. (Registered Nurse, First Aid/CPR)


Todd Knihnitski
Co-owner and Head Coach PFC

Todd is one of our owners and someone who loves everything about coaching! He has an Education degree and teaches both elementary and Secondary students. He also has a Kinesiology degree specializing in Sports Science. Todd has a wide range of cheerleading knowledge and experience, which allows him to spend time coaching Tiny athletes to Open aged athletes.  His passion for our sport has helped grow Cheerleading in Saskatchewan.  (USASF Level 5 & Level 6 certified in Tumbling, Stunt and Toss, NCCP gymnastics Level 1, NCCP theory level 1, 2, Sports First Aid)

Megan Ernst

Megan is our administrator and gym Mom: if you need anything, she is the one to ask! Megan has years of experience managing businesses, people and coaching. As a cheer mom too, she was a perfect fit for PFC. Megan, Todd and Craig work closely together to make sure Prairie Fire is the right fit for our 300 families. 

Brayden Obed
Senior Choreographer and Coach

Brayden has been with our club for many years, first as an athlete, then a coach, a Choreographer, and now as a full time Head Choreographer. Brayden has a University degree but more importantly, he is a self-taught all around Cheerleader. His skill set is complete and his relaxed approach creates success at the Tiny and at the Senior aged level. Brayden has travelled through out the world competing, coaching and experiencing all-star cheerleading at it's best. (USASF Level 5 & Level 6 Certified Tumbling, Toss and Stunt, Sports First Aid, Competing at USASF Worlds for Team Canada April 2011) 


Andréa Budner Mcdonald
Senior Coach

Andréa (Dre) is one of our newest coaches however; her wealth of experience and knowledge prior to PFC makes her a perfect addition to our family. Dre is a professional coach: gymnastics and Cheerleading. She balances her time between coaching and being a Mom. Dre has a calm focused approach that allows her commitment to our sport shine. We are very blessed to have her coaching at PFC. (B. Com, USASF Level 5 certified Tumbling, Toss & Stunt, Sports First Aid)

Ashley Tanasichuk
Senior Coach

Ashley has been with our club for many years, starting her Cheer Career in LA (La Rounge) and continuing wish the U of S. Ashley has a university degree in Education specializing in French Education. Ashley has coaches at many different levels and age divisions. Her approach is positive and caring, we are very lucky to have Ashley coaching with us again.  


Gordon Derry
Senior Coach

Gordon is a long time coach and once athlete at PFC. His talents in our sport have taken him around the world coaching and competing at the highest level. Gordon has a degree in Business Economics, which he earned training and competing along side Todd, Craig and Cristina. Gordon is an excellent one-on-one coach which very technical, patient coaching style. Gordon is one our most accomplished athletes and coaches. (Diving NCCP Certified Coach Level 2, USASF Certified lv 5 & Level 6 Stunt / Tumbling)



Jaclyn Hill
Senior Coach

Jaclyn is a long time coach and was an athlete on the very first team at PFC. She has an amazing way with all ages and she is the first coach we put with new athletes. Jaclyn is a manager in town, balancing work, coaching and being a Mom.  At the gym, Jaclyn's attention to the team aspect of Cheerleading and personal attention to each athlete allows her to tell everyone they are important. (Coached for 10 years and has competed at Worlds, USASF Certified level 5 & Level 3 in Tumbling)


Jen Wdowiak
Senior Coach

Jen has only been with our club for a few years, but has become one of our most positive engaging coaches. Jen has a university degree in Microbiology and Education. Even though she is a great Cheerleader, much of her expertise comes fro her extensive gymnastics background. Jen has competed at Worlds, nationally and provincially and her approach and positivity allow her to be a great coach for both young and older athletes.  



Molly Dufour
Senior Coach

Molly has been with our club from the very beginning. She has competed on some our best teams including Worlds and competing at Collegiate Nationals.  Molly is her university degree in Kinesiology while coaching and competing. Molly’s focus and dedication to excellence shines through in all of her coaching. 

Shanda Leftley
Senior Coach

Shanda has been coaching and competing at PFC since the beginning. She works in our business community as a HR manager and someone who gets things done, which is good because she is one of the busiest Cheer people you’ll meet. She coaches at PFC, coaches the U of S Cheerleading team, is an executive member of the SCA and often while being an athlete too. She has spent a lot of time experiencing all aspects of our sport: athlete, coach, builder, and advocate for cheerleading as a whole. She was the first U of S coach to bring home a National Championship and continues to mentor athletes of all ages. (B. Com, USASF Level 5 certified Tumbling, Toss & Stunt, Sports First Aid)

Sara Heibert
Senior Coach
Tara Anderson
Senior Coach

Tara has been with our club for many years, first as an athlete, then a coach, and she along with many also trained and competed with the U of S Cheerleading team. Tara is a very organized prepared coach which allows her to constantly grow and develop as a coach and to encourage growth in each one of her athletes. Tara has balanced her coaching with being a mom and a businesswoman. (USASF Level 3 Certified Tumbling, Toss and Stunt, Sports First Aid) 

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