Our club simply began with the focus to provide Cheerleading opportunities and active fun to athletes. Over the years it has grown into an organized, responsive and successful Cheerleading club. PFC is supported by a group of individuals, a variety of teams and finally a family. Our facility provides two sprung floors, tumbling equipment, and lots of room for parents and siblings to watch and hang out. We have worked very hard to provide a second home to our athletes, a comfortable space for parents and the best training equipment and coaches in Saskatchewan. We look forward to meeting you and sharing PFC.

We have teams training 1-3 times per week. All of our teams learn skills progressively moving towards a routine that athletes can enjoy and be proud of performing. 

  • Teams with one practice per week will allow athletes to try out the sport, provide a once a week practice commitment and enjoy showcasing the skills they have learned locally. Every athlete is welcome to these teams (tiny, mini, youth). 
  • Teams with two practices per week provide more focus for those athletes who are more experienced and/or athletes who want to train twice a week (3- 5hrs/wk). These teams (mini-senior) will compete provincially and nationally and every athlete is welcome.
  • Teams with three practices per week are specifically for those athletes who want to commit more to the sport. These teams (youth, junior, senior) will train 2-3 times a week with focused practices on both stunting and tumbling (5-6hrs/wk). These teams compete nationally and may travel internationally to compete. Athletes on these teams are expected to commit extra time to becoming better cheerleaders.
  • Our Open program consists of three teams. Two training to become Worlds level teams and the other competing and training but not going to Worlds. Worlds teams require athletes who are at least 14+ years old and available for three practices per week (5-6hrs/wk) that focus on both stunting and tumbling. Athletes on this teams are expected to commit extra time to becoming better.

Our teams are first split by age and then by skill and practice time. Ages are determined by a date set by the international All Star Federation (IASF) and Cheer Canada (CC): December 31st, 2021. At team placements, we try to group athletes by skills to provide the best opportunity for growth. Lastly, team sizes normally range from 15-20 athletes. 

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  • Prairie Fire Cheerleading

    421 42ndA St E
    Saskatoon, SK S7K 0V4


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