Our neighbourhood:  Our gym is located on a very small, yet busy street in the north end of Saskatoon.  Many of the businesses in our neighbourhood operate on daytime hours, however, there are some businesses that operate in the evening as well.  Please help us maintain a good relationship with our neighbours by parking on the street or our parking lot. Our neighbour directly west of us- they are a repair shop and have vehicles dropped off 24 hours a day for repair and need thewir spots free.  Please also be mindful to park away from gates on the street.  Our business has six parking spots directly in-front of our windows, all other parking is on the street.

Our home:  When you come to the gym for class, please ensure to place your shoes in one of two places - Either on the provided shoe rack, or in your bag.  This includes all visitors to the gym.  This helps us keep unnecessary dirt and gravel from entering the gym as well as keep our front entrance safe for all who enter.  In the gym we provide either a cubby to place your bag, or a hook to hang it up.  We need to make sure that we keep our belongings off the floor and the pathways are safely accessible to everyone. There are garbage cans available on the main floor and in the front entrance of the gym. We ask you to please eat food and snacks in the main entrance area to help keep our gym clean and free of mess.  We ask everyone to try to use recyclable products for the benefit of our environment.

Our season: Our regular cheer season begins the first week of September, right after the long weekend (Team placements are done the third week in August). Our pre-competitive teams season ends at the end of March and our Competitive season generally ends just before the Easter break in April.  We also have additional programming available to athletes that are not able to commit to a team over the season and would like to work on other classes.  These classes run in four different sessions: Fall: Oct-Dec, Winter: Jan-Mar, Spring: May-June, Summer: July-Aug

What are team placements? Do I have to attend? If you are wanting a pre-competitive team, you do not need to attend team placements - you can just pick the right team for your age group and register!  If you are interested in a competitive team you will need to attend team placements so that we can find you the perfect team for the season. We hold our team placements the third week of August so that we can get everything set up for you before school begins.  Team placement is an opportunity for you to come in with other athletes your age and show us what you know and/or to try things out. The coaches will work with you on stunting, jumping, dance and tumbling to see what you already know or what you are ready to learn.  There will be kids that have done a little bit before, some kids that haven't tried any of this before and other kids that have done quite a bit of this before.  There is no pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with, we just want an opportunity to meet you and see where you are starting your season at.  You don't need to have any experience to join a team!  Everyone gets placed on a team. 

What do I wear?  For practice, you can wear whatever makes you feel awesome providing that it covers all the important parts, is something you are able to move in (jeans don't work) and does not have parts that will catch on your teammates or interfere with what you are doing (no loose strings or something with rips or tears).  Most of the athletes choose to wear shorts, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops, bra tops.  For practice, you will also need to have a good pair of runners with a smoother sole.  For competitions athletes wear their competition wear - for pre-competitive teams this would be a pair of PFC shorts and your club t-shirt, for prep and competitive teams this would be your uniform and white shoes. When you come in for practice, you need to make sure that your hair is tied back and that all your jewelry is safely put away.

Attendance:   We are stronger when we are together! Cheerleading is a team sport and to put our best work onto the floor we need to have our athletes at practice. We expect our competitive athletes make attending practice a priority so that everyone is able to participate and the teams can move forward with their skills.  We know unexpected events do come up (funerals, illness, etc.), and ask if there are upcoming events, where it will be unavoidable to miss practice, to speak directly with your coaches and make them aware so they can properly set the practice plan for the team. Sometimes, in the best interest of the team, adjustments need to be made to the routines when athletes are not able to attend.

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